Komiza is situated in the southwestern part of the island of Vis, which is located in the heart of the Adriatic.


Having arrived by the ferry to Vis, you become part of the most beautiful and cleanest sea which proudly exhibits its underwater wealth and forests.


Komiza is a small fishing village raised by heavy salty hands of fishermen, and this feeling of beauty and history you can experience entering the fishing museum, “Commune“, located in the city centre.

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City of Vis, Island Vis, Accommodation Island Vis Komiza

At the city entrance, in the heart of the vineyards, a beautiful church welcomes you along with its astonishing interior. In addition, from the museum terrace you can see the panoramic view of the whole city.


This is the church of Saint Nicholas. The patron Saint of the city of Komiza and its fishermen.


Arriving to the city center, you can feel a beautiful and peaceful atmosphere created by the old fishing boats of various sizes and shapes. Old fishing boats can be found along the entire coastline of the village, right next to the promenade.

Walking along the promenade, you can easily come across fishermen and freshly caught fish.


The seafood is served on the very day it was caught, in a variety of wonderful restaurants of Komiza, that are dispersed throughout the beaches and streets.

In addition to fish, shellfish, octopus and lobsters, you have to taste the gastronomic delicacy of Komiza – the salt pie (Komiška pogača).


We are also proud of high quality wines from vineyards which are located all over the island.

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City of Vis, Island Vis, Accommodation Island Vis Komiza

Not to talk only about the fine food, we should mention that Komiza is packed with all sorts of beautiful beaches along the whole coastline (pebbly, sandy and mixed).

Whether you have the possibility of going by car all around the island or just going by foot around the village, you will not be bored.

Every beach is different and the sea is so clean that it dazzles with pearly gleam of the sun. It is so clear that the sea bottom seems to be in the reach of your hand.

You may find some hidden, small solitary bays where you can be alone in peace, surrounded just by the sound of birds chirping and the murmur of the sea.

If you prefer a different kind of relaxation, there are bigger beaches with bars where you can enjoy some cold drinks and music.

Falkusa Komiza Vis

Another interesting fact is that Komiza preserves one of the oldest traditional fishing ships, Falkuša.


Dozens of fishermen have been using it for long fishing expeditions in the open sea, rowing and sailing to feed their families.


During your stay in Komiza, you will have the opportunity to experience sailing in this boat and hear some interesting and humorous stories during the trip, while tasting another specialty, salted anchovies.

Speaking of the beautiful hidden places, spectacular Blue cave (Modra špilja) is located on the nearby island of Biševo.

That experience cannot be easily described by words, but words are redundant here as it deserves more than praise and is completely worth a visit.

That being said, make sure you visit island Biševo at least once, where you will be welcomed by the local hosts who will tell you many interesting stories about both islands, Vis and Biševo.

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Ferry and catamaran lines are making it much easier to reach the island of Vis. There are up to five daily connections.

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With many cycling paths on the island, it is truly a pleasure to explore the island of Vis by bike.

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Discover the beautiful island of Bisevo and the incredible Blue Cave. Just a few minutes away from Komiza.

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Discover the attractions of Komiza and the island of Vis. Find out why Vis was “the key to the Adriatic”.

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Enjoy the finest food Komiza has to offer, from local food to the top chef menus.

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If it’s fun you’re after, it’s fun you are going to get. Explore the Komiza nightlife and see what it’s all about.

Komiza - Your Perfect Vacation Spot​

For those of you who prefer hiking over lounging, the whole island of Vis has paths that lead up to the highest points. From there you can experience a breathtaking panoramic view of Komiza, as well as the nearby islands (Biševo, Svetac – Saint, and even a small volcanic island Jabuka – Apple).

At the very highest peak, Hum, those seeking adventure can find an interesting cave with historical significance – Tito’s 1944 cave, where the former president of Yugoslavia located the headquarters of the Partisan army.

The island of Vis as a whole used to be a military base, so today you can take part in special excursions and explore underground tunnels, repositories for submarines and large underground halls and bunkers that were used during the war.

Although the island of Vis seems like a small island at first, you can experience pleasure regardless of your vacation preferences.

No matter if you choose to idle away or if you prefer an active rest, regardless if you are an adventurer, a nature lover, young, elderly, in love or searching for love – Komiža could quite possibly be your perfect vacation spot.